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Information about parking on private land

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Private land

Currently, we do not deal with Parking Charge Notices issued on private land or in a private car park by parking enforcement companies such as Parking Eye or Civil Enforcement. However, we hope the following information will be useful to you.

Parking Charge Notices

A Parking Charge Notice is usually issued by a parking enforcement company such as Parking Eye or Civil Enforcement. It will typically be for parking on private land or in a private car park and is commonly for either trespass or breach of contract.

Parking operators

Private parking operators must be registered with an Accredited Trade Association (ATA) to enable them to request data from the DVLA and to offer an independent appeals service. There are two trade bodies for parking companies, the British Parking Association and the International Parking Community (IPC). Both organisations have lists of approved operators.

The parking charge notice appeal process

The vast majority of drivers who receive a Parking Charge Notice will have the option to appeal it if they feel they have grounds to do so. The relevant information outlining the procedure and the deadline to do so should be on the ticket.

If your appeal to the parking operator is unsuccessful, and they are members of an Accredited Trade Association, you will normally be given information about an independent appeals service. For members of the British Parking Association, you can appeal to the Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA). POPLA has been administered by ombudsman services since October 2015, and any appeals dealt with here are free of charge to the motorist.

If your appeal to the parking operator is unsuccessful and they are members of the International Parking Community, motorists can appeal to the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), which is administered by the International Parking Community, and is a certified alternative dispute resolution provider accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, pursuant to the European Directive on ADR which came into force in July 2015.